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Vio-Latino: New Zeland Pianist (born in Taiwan) & Dutch Violist (Born in Canada) on Tour in SouthAmerica

The Alto Nova Duo with New Zealand pianist Sherry Grant (born in Taiwan) and Dutch violist Emlyn Stam (born in Canada) will be performing 10 new compositions for viola and piano by 10 South American born composers (all living overseas) in a programme titled Vio-Latino, a multimedia concert tour combining music with poetry readings and artworks to match each new composition. The duo will tour 3 South American countries (Brazil/Argentina/Chile) on 16-30 July 2024.

The Alto Nova Duo will be performing their final concert in Santiago, Chile on the 29th of July 2024, after their performances in Campinas (Vio-Latino world premiere on 20th of July at the 49th International Viola Congress), São Paulo (23rd of July) and Buenos Aires (25th and 27th of July), with 5 concerts in total.

At this moment they are searching for a small to medium-sized venue in Santiago with a better piano, preferably a modern grand piano for the 29th of July. Sherry will be bringing AV system from New Zealand for the multimedia presentation. On 27th of July, their afternoon concert at the Castleforte will coincide with the museum’s 150th year celebration. The duo plans to record the Vio-Latino album in Taiwan in 2025 and welcomes online donation and support from its audience and music lovers to make it possible. The duo is planning a tour in Europe for 2026.

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The Alto Nova Duo is passionate about exploring and promoting the works of living composers. Both pianist Sherry Grant and violist Emlyn Stam believe strongly in the power of multidisciplinary performance connecting new music with other art forms. The duo consists of two internationally acclaimed performers who are highly regarded in the world of contemporary music and have a great deal of experience commissioning composers and curating projects.

Dr. Emlyn Stam has been artistic director of the New European Ensemble for 10 years and performed numerous concerti by contemporary composers among them Oene van Geel, Kate Moore and Willem Jeths. Sherry Grant, apart from being an active international performing pianist, cellist and poet, curated many international festivals since 2019. In 2023 She commissioned 12 New Zealand composers to write 19 songs for her multidisciplinary concert project Child of the Sun to celebrate NZ writer Katherine Mansfield’s centenary. Their goal with Vio-Latino is to inspire intercultural collaboration and dialogue and showcase the diversity of new music from the South American diaspora.



Moshe Knoll (Venezuela/USA) – Bachianas Venezolanas

Barbara Varassi (Argentina/Netherlands) – From the Roof

Marius Diaz (Colombia/Spain) – Aria of Koroglu

Daniel Rojas (Peru/Australia) Bygone Angels

Luis Saglie (Chile/Australia) The Defiant Magpie

Polo Piatti (Argentina/UK) – Los Locos

Andrián Pertout (Chile/Australia) Esboço de Ipanema

Martin Musaubach (Argentina/Taiwan) – Pa Los Que se Fueron (Tanguito)

Silvina Milstein (Argentina/UK) que llega y parte dorada espumante del agua

Jean Kleeb (Brazil/Germany) Ritual para a terra


Natalia Litvinova (Argentina)

Adriana Lisboa (Brazil)

Marina Burana (Argentina/Taiwan)

Fredy Chikangana (Colombia)

Rosabetty Muñoz (Chile)

Carmen Andrea Mantilla (Chile)

Tamar (Argentina)

Laura Antillano (Venezuela)

Katherine Medina Rondón (Peru)

Soledad Castresana (Argentina)

[Visual art]

Diego Gravinese (Argentina)

​​Shalak Attack (Chile/Canada)

Luisa Elena Betancourt (Venezuela)

Brenda Rodriguez (Argentina)

Maximo Larua (Peru)

Eqzequiel Briseno (Argentina)

Julieta Bussot (Argentina)

Beatriz Milhazes (Brazil)

Ricardo Fernández Olivares (Argentina)

Alto Nova Duo short biographies

Violist Dr. Emlyn Stam is active as a chamber musician, soloist, pedagogue and performance researcher in the Netherlands and internationally. Since 2014 he has been artistic artistic director of the New European Ensemble.

Pianist Sherry Grant, originally from Taiwan, is a New Zealand pianist and poet. She curated festivals such as ‘War and Peace’ Arts & Music Festival (2019), Hindemith & Copland Festival (2021), Scriabin150 (2022) and KM100NZ (2023) in which music, arts and poetry were combined.

Tour Dates

July 19 – 21 – International Viola Congress, Unicamp, Campinas, Brazil (5:30pm start, 20th July)

July 23 – Sao Paulo, live University (Brazil)

July 25 – Canning, Ezeiza, Buenos Aires (Madretierra Espacio de Arte) (8.30pm start) (Argentina)

July 27 – Leonardo Rosales 1521, B1846EGQ Gran Buenos Aires, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina (Castleforte) (3pm start) (Argentina)

July 29 – Santiago, venue to be confirmed (Chile)

Contacto: Max Morales (+56 9 3251 7848 ) /

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