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Israel García, Co-founder & CEO at Startuplinks

We connected with Israel García, born and raised in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. Co-founder & CEO at Startuplinks that moved to Guadalajara 6.5 years ago to finish his degree in Industrial Engineering at Tecmilenio. Nowadays, he started his career at Balero Ventures, a Mexican-based VC investing in seed-stage startups and have +6 years of experience in the Venture Capital industry in Mexico but the last 2 years in LATAM.

1. Could you explain what is the focus and aim of startuplinks?

We aim to help Latinamerican founders to build and grow world-class startups in LATAM and the world.2. How does SL works in simple words?

Startuplinks is a platform and community that helps pre-seed and seed stage startups to understand venture capital and get connected with institutional investors (VCs, CVCs, angel clubs and accelerators.2. Who is behind SL? Do you have a team or cofounder?

Israel García – Co-founder and CEO and Balero Ventures – Co-founder and board member (Represented by Angel Bañuelos)

Team members: Ray Diaz – Co-host podcast hacking Rounds, Cris Diaz – Venture Partner, Maria Jose Ruiz – Intern y Dulce Montoya – Intern

2. We see that you are in Zapopan. How would you define the ecosystem there? Depends a lot on what Guadalajara is doing or they have their own ecosystem?

I wouldn´t think of Zapopan and Guadalajara as separate ecosystems. At the end of the day they are 1 block away from each other, so it´s very difficult to separate ecosystems. All of us living here, identify ourselves as part of Guadalajara’s ecosystem even though we live in Zapopan.

3. What is Zapopan needing to grow as an ecosystem? How many investors or private funds are based there? Which are the main areas of development of startups?

  • Success cases and investors
  • Taking into consideration VCs in Guadalajara + Zapopan we know 12 + 4 accelerators.
  • As it happens in Mexico as a country we see a lot of fintech & healthtech. Find this image as reference. 

4. What do you think about the fact that many countries like Chile or Argentina are pushing new founders to start expanding to Texas in many areas. Do you think they have a chance in Zapopan?

  • Short answer. Definitely, they have a chance but Mexico City has been a more attractive bet for foreign startups
  • Long answer: Depending on their customers and their needs. If it´s for money, it doesn´t worth it, there aren´t many investors as there are in CDMX, but maybe their customers can be located here in GDL, so that makes more sense.

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