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Victor Rico and Sergio Cuadra from Texas come to Chile for Wine Innova Tech Seminar

With the aim of facing the challenges that climate change represents in vineyards and terroirs of the Valparaiso Region in Chile, in addition to the new scenario of international wine production and marketing of Chilean Wines, on May 16, 30 and 31, 2024 at the Palacio Rioja in Viña del Mar, the “Wine InnovaTech 2024” is going to be celebrated, event that is supported by the Innovation Agency of Chile, CORFO’s Viraliza Program to upscale the Wine Innovation Strategy in the Valparaiso Region, one hour from Santiago, the Chilean Capital.

Victor Rico, Former operations manager of WhatsApp-Meta, Ambassador of Angel Hub México, the largest angel investor network in Latin America and scout of H20 Capital Innovation and Sergio Cuadra, Director of Winemaking from Fall Creek Vineyards confirmed their presence in the international event “Wine InnovaTech 2024” and will be flying down to Chille in May with the objective of upscale innovation and bring new business opportunities.

The verticals of the Seminar are:

  • Define strategies on how to confront Climate Change
  • Creation of new products from surplus grapes and wines
  • Promote biotechnological development to rescue the genetics of old vineyards
  • Investment Attraction Strategy for Real Estate and Wine Tourism (Thematic Hotels or Lodges)

Other winemaker that will be present from Italy is Ettore del Lupo, Italian winemaker specialized in the rescue of old vineyards in Europe, who came before to Chile to the program Nodo Estrategico Chile Vitivinicola from CORFO, where he visited San Rosendo and gave a speech in Bio Bio Region.

During three days of the Wine Innova Tech 2024, over 200 participants- Vineyard & Winery Owners, Winemakers, Chief Winemakers, researchers, wine consumers, academics and public professionals from related areas to wine like wine providers, founders of startups and others-will participate in different activities that are supported by the innovation agency of CORFO’s Viraliza program.

According to the Senior Project Manager of Wine Innova Tech, Max Morales: “We are focused on facing the challenges of overstocking of wines and starting a search for new business verticals in the wine industry motivated by climate change, and to move forward, We must create a strategy to attract investments for the Real Estate and Wine-Tourism Sector, considering that there is great potential in various geographic sectors of the Region to build Thematic Hotels or Lodges, which generate a high appreciation of the Wine Terroir, since in this way “The wines are sold at origin.”

The seminar will organize a workshop that will be held on May 16 at the El Escorial Family Estate in the Aconcagua Valley and will be focused for Vineyard & Winery Owners, Head of Finance, Bank Directors, Chief Winemakers and people related to the marketing and sales of wines in foreign markets that will be guided by Luis Felipe Oliva, international consultant with extensive experience in the financial sector, where he led various positions in public and private institutions, such as being the Former Investment and Financing Manager at CORFO.

“In the introductory workshop, the development of the venture capital fund industry, the general characteristics of these investment vehicles, as well as the basic conditions to structure a wine investment fund for the wine industry of the Valparaíso Region will be addressed. «, emphasizes Luis Felipe Oliva.

“All of the above, under the framework of the First Wine Tourism Business Fair, where the regional and national public will be attracted to learn more about the different value propositions of wine tourism and wines. We have to promote the use of technology in the management of vineyards to face better water scarcity and define new forms of promotion and positioning to attract visitors to wineries in the region.” emphasizes Rodrigo López, Manager of Management and Project Consulting.

To reinforce this first step, on May 30 and 31 at the Palacio Rioja, the presence of Victor Rico, Former operations manager of WhatsApp-Meta, Ambassador of Angel Hub México, the largest angel investor network in Latin America and scout of H20 Capital Innovation, will help to open new opportunities that exist if specialization is carried out in the management of investments in the area, in addition to the importance of creating communities that are in constant communication to understand the needs and options that exist to face the problems that may arise.

“My experience at WhatsApp-Meta has taught me the importance of constant innovation and adaptability in a global market. I believe these principles are applicable to any industry, including wine. At the seminar, I hope to share how technology can transform the way we interact with consumers, improve production processes and expand the reach of markets.” Victor Rico pointed out.

Wine Innovation from Texas

Sergio Cuadra – Winemaker

Sergio Cuadra is the Director of Winemaking of Fall Creek Vineyards and will be giving a lecture about his experience in how to make wines in the humid weather of Texas, that is the inspiration of his invitation to the seminar. He will be able to show and teach innovative techniques to the winemakers from Chile that can be adopted in the coast and new wine areas like Easter Island – Rapa Nui.

Sergio began his professional career of winemaking and love of wine growing in 1994 when he worked his first harvest. He was chosen to make wine at of the most renowned Chilean wineries, Concha y Toro and Caliterra (Mondavi’s Chilean partnership), a sister company of Errazuiz, in his homeland, Chile. During this 19-year accomplished tenure, he met and worked with talented and influential people like the French family of Jacque Lurton, Australian Kim Milne, MW, and California sought-after consultant Paul Hobbs.

Wines of limited release have become his focus because he feels the deeper sense of origin showcases the true taste extraction of the grape. In the summer of 2013, providence brought Sergio Cuadra and Fall Creek together courtesy of an introduction by Paul Hobbs. Shortly after, Sergio relocated to Texas along with his lovely wife and 5 children, bringing with him his global knowledge and wealth of experience.

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