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Reverse Head Hunting Service to Look for Tech Jobs

Reverse Head Hunting for Tech Jobs is a service that is focused to execute a Tech Job Search by Business Accelerator of AmixTech, which is a service provided to independent talent that is looking for a career change or look for a new job in tech.

Reverse Head Hunting is a private service which is paid by applicants that look for a career change or is looking for a new job.

Based on the background and experience of the applicant, we research and look for a job in the country and companies that match the interest.

We contact companies and tech recruiters to introduce the new talent looking for positions in SaaS-Programming (Junior or Senior) to make a perfect match.

We charge a fee to start looking a perfect match, which considers an interview in our site or a tech related column to show up your knowlegde, and we will help you out with the content needed, and will send a newsletter to our database of CEO’s, Tech Recruiters inside or outside companies, but mainly, we will introduce you one by one that we consider matches your requirements.

It takes about 2 up to 4 months a regular process, one payment only and a sucess fee of a % of the first salary that we will inform to interested profesionals that connect with us.

We also offer the regular Head Hunting service for companies if needed.

More information contact us

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